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Wireless Thymio suitcase


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A complete suitcase to teach with Wireless Thymio

The Wireless Thymio suitcase contains everything you need to teach with Wireless Thymio. From the robots to the USB dongles, with a multi-port USB charger and activities, everything is protected in a foam-padded suitcase.

Content : 6 Wireless Thymio robots, 6 USB Wireless dongles, 2 Thymio Discovery kit, 1 Thymio remote control, 1 multi-port Thymio charger, 6 USB-microUSB cables, 1 Basic Wireless Thymio user manual, 2 keys, 1 strap for transportation

Valise Thymio

Everything you need to teach with Wireless Thymio

Wireless Thymio has been created to let children discover digital technologies and programming. But we also thought about the teachers who want to use it. Forget about bags filled with Wireless Thymio, USB dongles and cables and discover the Wireless Thymio suitcase!

This metal suitcase is padded with protective foam cut to carry:

  • 6 Wireless Thymio robots
  • 6 Wireless USB dongles
  • 2 Thymio Discovery kit
  • 1 Thymio remote control
  • 1 Multi-port charger for Thymio
  • 6 USB - microUSB cable for charging and programming
  • 1 basic Thymio user manual
  • 2 keys
  • 1 strap for transportation
Wireless configuration

One robot at a time

In order to facilitate use in class, we configure your robots so that each Wireless Thymio can be controlled only by one USB dongle. A sticker on the dongle will indicate you which one controls which robot.

You will then avoid any perturbation and will be able to let every student or group of students to work with their own robot and not with their neighbours'.

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