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Thymio, a free robot

Thymio is an open-source, open-hardware robot. It means that its mecanical, electronical and software design are open-source (license GNU Lesser General Public License). Instead of belonging to one society holding all rights and acting alone, Thymio belongs to the community.

What is Thymio community?

The Thymio community is you, and us. Every people who uses Thymio at home or at school is part of the community. A special website, a Wiki, regroup every contribution of the community. It is a website that you can edit! Add your experiments with Thymio, go look what others did, ask a question, everything happen there.

Mobsya and the community manage this website, answer the questions, add content, it is a community full of life!

Thymio and Aseba Wiki


Your question is maybe already answered

You have a problem with Thymio? Go look on the « Thymio assistance » of the wiki. You will find a list of frequently asked questions concerning Thymio, your answer is maybe there.

Thymio assistance

My question is not on the Thymio assistance page

Mobsya and the Thymio manage a forum on the Wiki Thymio & Aseba where you can ask any question. You just have to create an account (up-right corner of the page), it is completely free. Then, you can ask your question and maybe answer another question.It is the how the community works, once you will be an expert, you will be able to help others.

Thymio forum


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