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Loterie Romande

Participated in the financing of Thymio and the lending centres.


A parapublic company headquartered in Lausanne, the Loterie Romande organizes lottery and betting games on the territory of the six French-speaking cantons.

It redistributes all of its profits to the public utility, which is annually close to CHF 210 million. Being an important player in the development of the socio-economic fabric of French-speaking Switzerland, the Loterie Romande is an indispensable partner for thousands of social, cultural and sporting associations.

Partnership with Mobsya

Thanks to the support of the Loterie Romande, Thymio was first produced to 1,000 units in April 2011. These robots were used during public events such as the Robotics festival that took place at EPFL or at Scientifica at ETH Zürich. In late 2012, the Loterie Romande supported Mobsya again, allowing it to improve the robot (wheels compatible with LEGO elements®, more accurate sensors, microphone, MicroSD card...) and to produce a new batch of 2,000 units.

Finally, in late 2014, the Loterie Romande once again puts its trust in Mobsya for a more ambitious project, creating the Wireless Thymio and distributing it free of charge in French-speaking Swiss lending centres. At the end of the project, Mobsya was able to offer a retro-compatible and wireless version of Thymio, integrate it into suitcases, create activity boxes and launch the development of a tablet programming application.

6 lending centres have been able to share 45 suitcases of robots and a few boxes of activities which are now avilable for free for teachers of French-speaking Switzerland.

Here is the list of lending centres created with the help of the Loterie Romande:

Vaud: SPS EPFL and Bibliomedia Fribourg: Centre Fri-Tic Valais: HES-SO Valais Wallis Geneva: SEM Training Neuchâtel – Bern – Jura: HEP-BEJUNE Media libraries

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